To Believe Or Not To Believe In A Psychic? | D•Scribe

There are only two reactions when the sentence ‘I’m going to a psychic’ is mentioned. One is full of excitement, interest and usually, following with a positive psychic anecdote. The other is always the complete opposite; the face screws up, a mocking laugh followed with an ‘oh you don’t believe in that crap do you?’ Tarot cards, psychics, mediums, auras and spiritual energy has been around for thousands of years and thanks to TV shows like Long Island Medium,

The Bitter Sweet Feeling Of Travelling To Europe When You Are A Bit Scared | D•Scribe

In three days I will be jet setting (economy class) off to Europe with my family; Dad is calling it the “Griswold’s on Tour.” As my three siblings and I grow older and find ourselves at the end of our dependence on our parents, this holiday is not just a glamorous escape from a gloomy Melbourne winter but a significant chapter in our family’s life. We know opportunities like this will become rarer as we settle into adulthood and when Mum and Dad decide they don’t need to support us anymore. Sad

What Graduating Students Wish They Did Whilst At Uni | D•Scribe

As the semester comes to a close there are thousands of students who walked out of campus for the very last time. It is a very weird feeling as you are low-key hoping you will feel something different, emotions will rise and a gospel choir in blue robes will jump out of the bushes singing you off to your next chapter in adulthood, whilst everyone else on watches, wishing you good luck, some even crying because your presence on campus was that impacting and will be thoroughly missed.

I Found My Love in Portofino | D•Scribe

Please take a seat, somewhere comfy, in the spring sunshine with a vino in hand and let me take you to the exquisite town of Portofino, your next go to summer holiday destination. Not to be confused with Positano along the Amalfi Coast, Portofino is the Portsea equivalent of Italy, a part of the northern region of Liguria, this small fishing village is one of the more famous towns in the Italian Riviera. Thanks to the famous song Love in Portofino composed by Fred Buscaglione and as heard righ

I Went Sugar Free And Survived To Tell The Tale | D•Scribe

A month ago I was mocking the sugar-free girls on Instagram smiling into their salads. I would comfortably devour two jam and cream filled doughnuts, whilst lounging on the couch watching Man VS Food because judging Adam Richman for eating a 190-pound (86 kg) burger made me feel a lot better about my own poor eating habits. But unlike Adam Richman I’m not under a contract to eat unhealthy food, which means all my poor food decisions are on me and instead of a fat paycheck I just got fat. With

All You Can Eat! Free Food on Your Birthday! | D•Scribe

Set that alarm for 7 am. It’s a special day, it is your birthday but more importantly, there are a number of places to receive free food. Put down your 2-minute noodles, put on your comfiest Adidas originals and start collecting your well-deserved free treats. It is necessary *sigh* to sign up to their loyalty program in advance, so it’s best to find the ones that tickle your fancy, join up and start enjoying those ridiculous spam emails. Boost – smugly walk up to that counter and receive you

Social Media Will Not Ruin Your Career | D•Scribe

A frightening number of articles and blogs online are advising students that their social media presence will damage their chances of scoring the job of their dreams. The New York Times published a piece written by a ‘millennial computer scientist, who writes books and runs a blog’ and who claims that social media has a high chance of hurting your career and that is why he has and never will create a Facebook account. He goes on to complain that social media is just a ‘collection of somewhat t

Free Workouts to Really Kickstart Your Fitness | D•Scribe

Spending money on fitness clubs and gyms is hardly in the top three most important things for students to spend their money on. Keeping healthy however should be in everyone’s top three main priorities for a better wellbeing and thankfully there is now a way to do both. Every fitness club or gym provides a free trial period for possible newcomers, meaning that you can participate in fun exercises without having to break the bank. Here is the holy grail list of workouts trending in 2017, that y

It’s Time To Learn To Love Classical Music | D•Scribe

Either way, take some time now to learn how classical music can help you concentrate, remember better and ease those study stresses. Research has found that specific classical pieces with a 60 beats per minute (bpm) pattern are the key to studying at your greatest potential. This unique rhythm has the ability to “entrain” the brain to physically and mentally come in sync with the music which when in conjunction with the act of studying activates both sides of the brain to work simultaneously,